John Marsden Memorial Trophy – Club Person of the Year

This perpetual is voted on by all senior players and anyone who has input into the senior part of the club. The trophy can be awarded to anyone who has had involvement with the club throughout the year. It is the highest award in the senior club. This trophy represents the effort that an individual or individuals have put into the club and the way in which they have done so.

1976    Fred Conyers
1977    Gerry Knights
1978    Ron Rhodes
1979    Col Voss
1980    Stan Puckle
1981    Jeanette Axam
1982    Bruce Harley
1983    Col Voss
1984    John Marsden
1985    Bruce Axam
1986    Terry Rowe-Dave Gray
1987    Peter Rowe-Bob Kane
1988    Bob Kane
1989    Peter Cassianos
1990    Col Voss
1991    Peter Rowe
1992    Alex Malone
1993    Alex Malone
1994    Adam Puckle
1995    Rex Hanslow
1996    Rex Hanslow
1997    Paul Howarth
1998    Janet Hall
1999    Janet Hall
2000    Janet Hall
2001    Janet Hall
2002    Jillian Miller
2003    Michelle Mc Donald
2004    Lonnie Brabender
2005    Brian Bryant
2006    Paul Howarth-Kim De Mamiel
2007    Paul Howarth
2008   Paul Howarth
2009   Kim De Mamiel
2010   Paul Howarth